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Bluish (fka Veer)are a dream-pop band from Lisbon. Already established as a strong presence in the Lisbon pop music scene, with new, soon to be released, EP On Our Own, Bluish redefined contemporary Dream Pop, as their sound shifted to focus on a more intimate approach to songwriting. They left behind them the grey and cold winter; spring came and, with it, two voices and two instruments: A keyboard, with an incisive sonority, marked by occasional rebellion; and a guitar that varies between restlessness and crystalline softness, resulting in melodies that surround us in an intimate nostalgia.

Bluish’s first performance was May 6th 2017 at St. George’s Church in Lisbon. Since then they have played numerous venues including Gronigen’s iconic venue VERA (NL), Lisbon’s ZDB (PT) and Sabotage (PT), and Spain’s Sala X (ES).

Their first single entitled ‘Mess’ debuted this year on SBSR.FM, currently one of the most influencial alternative music radios and host to one of the top music festivals in Portugal. Bluish were also featured on national television on RTP’s “Passeio Público” refered as if “they (had) brought the starry night sky with them”.